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We make great efforts to ensure that prices are correct at the time of publication. However, mistakes do happen, pages can be cached, and you should not rely on a price unless we have accepted your payment in full.

All prices are, unless otherwise marked, inclusive of sales tax (VAT) and exclusive of delivery charges. You will be notified of all charges in full before payment is taken.

Please check information you send to us carefully, in particular information that is saved in your Paypal account. Once your order is confirmed on screen, you warrant to us that such details are correct. We cannot accept responsibility for any costs incurred by our receipt of incorrect information. For example, if an item is impossible to collect because the named recipient is unavailable to collect the parcel, we will not re-ship without charge. Additionally, but not exhaustively, if you give us an old delivery address, we will not ship a second item while the first languishes with the new occupier of your old address.

If after confirming your order you become aware of any mistakes, please contact us immediately. If you're lucky, you'll catch us before we send out your order so we can correct them.

We make no guarantees about dispatch speed but most orders are sent within one working day. In the case of customised or short-run titles this may be up to a week. We will notify you upon dispatch of your order so that you know it is on the way and, where relevant, furnish you with a tracking code.

Parcels returned to us because of non collection from sorting office can be re delivered at cost to customer. £6.80 per tube UK ROW £11.00.


Spineless Classics prints and other products are sold from this website as seen upon delivery. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase you may return it for any reason, in the same condition it was received and within 14 days of receipt, for a full refund. We commit only to refunding the cost of the print returned but will listen to and deal with any complaint you have. If you're genuinely disappointed (I bet you the shipping charge you won't be) we'll look after you. If you order twenty prints, let your kids wipe chocolatey fingers on them and then send them all back, be prepared for some "maximum extent permissable by law".

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Spineless Classics is a trading name of Spineless Classics Registered offices are at 1 Greyling Road, Leicestershire LE16 8GS United Kingdom.

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